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Ages 6 Months - 3 Years
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About Little Notes:
Children at this age enjoy experimenting with sounds, whether this be musical instruments or everyday objects. They like to find their own 'sound' - musical or not. In our sessions, we incorporate this by using everyday objects with our percussion instruments, and allow the children to explore. Every session includes songs and story time which include the use of puppets and props to engage the children's interest. We have monthly themes so that the children can become familiar with the songs as repetition is important with this age group.

All of the activities are based around the key elements of EYFS which covers creative development, knowledge and understanding of the world, communication, language, and literacy, physical development, and personal, social, and emotional development.

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Small children love to sing nursery rhymes and it's a great way to develop vocabulary and confidence in speech. We love to sing all songs - especially silly ones!

Dance & Movement:

For the younger group we start with actions with the hands, leading up to the walking children who can dance, jump around, and generally explore different movements. Learning actions to songs helps children develop their memory and their self-confidence.

Props & Puppets:

We have a wide range of puppets in all different characters. We also have Quackers the singing duck and Ribbit the musical frog. Puppets are a great way to get children involved in telling a story, or acting out a song, as well as adding a bright colourful object for the younger children.


Each week we have a new story related to our monthly theme. The stories provide an opportunity for silly voices and lots of interaction from the children.


Rhythm games add another dimension to learning new words and sounds, where as the loud or quiet game helps children to develop their communication and understanding. We also have paracute games and ball games.

Musical Instruments:

We have drums, bells, shakers, glockenspiels, rainmakers, and lots of everyday 'noisy' items for children to explore and create with. It helps to develops fine motor skills as well as allowing them to investigate new sounds.