Buy One, Get One Tree

When it comes to guitars, wood is important. Very important.

Over the next 25 years there's going to be a huge problem within the industry of guitar building, getting quality tone woods which make the guitars you buy and play today great. At the Musician's Centre we want to try and give something back and are therefore committing to plant a tree for every single guitar we sell from now on using the Global ReLeaf programme. That's something no other music chain in the UK can claim.

Being a family business since 1969 we don't just care about what happens for our generation but want to think ahead and contribute in anyway we can to future generations being able to buy great guitars.

To date we have planted (and watered) more than 1,000 trees!

On 14th Feburary, Musicians Centre officially planted their 1000th tree in Cliffe Castle, Keighley to celebrate it's 'Buy A Guitar, Plant A Tree' Campaign. Starting the policy just over two years ago, the firm has gone on to plant trees using the Global ReLeaf project which plants trees all around the world in areas where it is most needed.

The 1000th tree was planted in Cliffe Castle after discussions between the company and Cliffe Castle park Conservation Group to find the best way to celebrate this achievement. We were the first music chain in the world to offer this service with many others business taking up the idea over this time.

Thank you for your continuing support. Click here for more information regarding our 'Global Releaf' campaign.