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MoneyWay Finance

If you are not eligible for Take It Away financing, or are over 25, you can still apply for financing through MoneyWay Music Finance. This can be used for any product in the price range of £250 - £5,000.

9 Months Representative APR: 4.9% or
24 Months Representative APR: 19.5%

Take It Away

Take It Away 0% Finance aims to make it easier for 18-25 year olds to spread the cost of buying a musical instrument with an interest-free loan. To be eligible to apply for a Take It Away loan you must be: Between 18 and 25 years of age. A permanent UK resident. Working at least 16 hours per week. Hold a bank or building society account capable of handling direct debit payments. You can also apply if you are over 25 and applying for someone who is under 18.

How much can I borrow?

So whether you're a complete beginner who wants to buy an entry-level instrument, or a more experienced musician wanting to upgrade to a better model, Take It Away could make it easier for you. It's also possible to buy more than one musical instrument at the same time.

If the cost of the instrument/s you want to buy exceed the £2,000 loan limit, you can always use Take It Away as a part-payment towards the instrument/s. You would then need to pay the remaining value by an alternative method. It is not possible to split the cost of an instrument or instruments over more than one loan application.

What can I buy?

The range of musical instruments that you can buy with the scheme is vast - from guitars, keyboards and violins, to pianos, saxophones and banjos. As well as buying your chosen musical instrument, you can also add on additional items to your Take It Away loan to help ensure you have everything you need to get playing. You must purchase these items at the same time as your Take It Away instrument though - it's not possible to buy the items below using Take It Away without including a musical instrument in the purchase.

The kind of items and services you may want to include in your Take It Away loan are things like an instrument case, amplifier, strings, reeds, sheet music and delivery or set-up charges. If the shop where you're using Take it away offers tuition, you could also add on a block of lessons to your loan.

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