"It Will Get Loud" - Electric Guitar Workshop

Group Setting
Sunday June 24th 2012 - 2pm to 5pm
Musicians Centre & Exchange Arts Centre, Keighley
£10 (Includes free drink and refreshments)

"It Will Get Loud" - Electric Guitar Workshop:
Simon Partridge, University of Central Lancashire Talk with a live band. Suitable for guitarists of any skill level who are interested in playing in bands. "A session focusing on the essentials, the meat and potatoes, of playing guitar in a band. Forget flash, what I'm interested in is the heart and soul of the music, about getting the guitar to sound good and the voodoo that happens when you mix it with the bass and drums."

First Half: The Notes: Hints, tips and ideas that will be useful whether playing covers in a local pub or working on your next album.

Half Time: Refreshments and lots of discussion. Bring your questions!

Second Half: The Sound: Working with your amp. Ideas for exploring tones. Thoughts on valves, speakers, pickups and stomp boxes. Full on guitar anorak nerdery.

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