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Lucas Watt - "Give Me Love" - A Musicians Centre Session

Duration: 4.02 Minutes - Views: 10 - Rating: 5.0

Lucas Watt bought himself a Tanglewood the other month and dropped by for a session. Amazing talent for a 14 year old, see him busking around Skipton for now, we've no doubt he's heading for bigger things thou...

Jack Hamish Harley - A Musicians Centre Session

Duration: 3.05 Minutes - Views: 238 - Rating: 5.0

8 year old Jack has been having lessons with Damian at Musicians Centre for less than a handful of months and wanted us to show us the riffs he'd been learning. Amazing phrasing for such a young age, well on h...

Kurt Wood - "Giants in the Landscape" A Musicians Centre Session

Duration: 4.03 Minutes - Views: 193 - Rating: 5.0

Kurt's more often seen his among prog post hardcore band Sounds of Swami or with folk, country, gypsy nutters Foxes Faux but his solo stuff is awesome so we asked him in for a session. Kurt is playing a Tangl...

Dexter Riley - "In Spite of all the Danger" A Musicians Centre Session

Duration: 2.93 Minutes - Views: 59 - Rating: 5.0

Dexter hasn't been playing long and is just about ready to start gigging. We offered him to play a session for us to help get him out there! A great voice and shows lots of promise. See him on a stage soon...

Jonathon Brown - Improvisation in E - A Musicians Centre Session

Duration: 4.77 Minutes - Views: 91 - Rating: 5.0

Jonathon, teacher at Musicians Centre had a bit of a gap in lessons today so tried out the Framus 1950s semi acoustic through the 1950s Bird Talisman amplifier. Turned out to be a match made in heaven. Jonath...

Tazrian Haq - Stop Crying Your Heart Out - A Musicians Centre Session

Duration: 4.07 Minutes - Views: 164 - Rating: 5.0

Tazarian popped back in after not seeing us for a couple of years. He used to have lessons with us and was looking to upgrade. This is him trying out a Tanglewood TVC KOA which is in the Summer Upgrade Progra...

Lindy Cheung - "Blackbird" A Musicians Centre Session

Duration: 1.83 Minutes - Views: 339 - Rating: 5.0

Lindy has been having lessons with us for under 2 years and her teacher Damian basically made her play Blackbird for a Musicians Centre session. A very promising young guitarist with fantastic phrasing. Lindy...

Emerging Talent - Heat 1

Duration: 1.65 Minutes - Views: 79 - Rating: 0

Isaac Tyler - "On The Breeze" A Musicians Centre Session

Duration: 3.43 Minutes - Views: 368 - Rating: 3.6666667

Isaac popped in before his singing and guitar lesson to record a new song he wrote. Playing a Tanglewood TWJF Acoustic

Oliver Pinder - "Darling" A Musicians Centre Session

Duration: 2.75 Minutes - Views: 466 - Rating: 3.5

Oliver Pinder dropped by to recording his upcoming release, "Darling" Played on a Freshman FA250D

Tia Rhian - "Warsan Shire" A Musicians Centre Session

Duration: 3.92 Minutes - Views: 191 - Rating: 5.0

Tia Rhian, on a break from her touring circus antics with "Flown", popped in for a coffee. We convinced her to do a recording. She wrote this song a few hours before the session. Tia is playing an Ozark 3372...

Nick Mann - "Carillon" A Musicians Centre Session

Duration: 2.48 Minutes - Views: 332 - Rating: 5.0

Nick Mann popped in the other day to look at some parlours and walked out with this beautiful Java Tanglewood electro-acoustic. Nick used to teach for us in the late 70s and early 80s and it was a pleasure to ...

Korala ABS Plastic Concert Ukulele

Duration: 3.05 Minutes - Views: 869 - Rating: 5.0

A look at the budget Korala plastic concert ukes

Hayman Cajon Demo

Duration: 2.78 Minutes - Views: 485 - Rating: 3.0

Tim Barker gives the Hayman Cajon a bit of bash.

Rosa Sargent - "Fix You" A Musicians Centre Session

Duration: 4.70 Minutes - Views: 493 - Rating: 4.142857

We welcome Rosa to the acoustic room. Playing a Martin & Co. LX BLACK Little Martin

Tanglewood TU10 Concert Ukulele Overview

Duration: 2.05 Minutes - Views: 275 - Rating: 5.0

A look at the Tanglewood TU10 Concert ukulele

Halona Electro-Acousitc Concert Ukulele Overview

Duration: 2.03 Minutes - Views: 250 - Rating: 0

A look at the Halona Concert electro-ukulele, UKC-20SSEQ

Tanglewood TUJ2 CE Concert Electro-Ukulele Overview

Duration: 2.28 Minutes - Views: 316 - Rating: 0

A look at a Tanglewood Java series electro ukulele

Tanglewood TU7XSPL Concert Ukulele Overview

Duration: 1.45 Minutes - Views: 180 - Rating: 1.0

A look at the Tanglewood TU7XSPL Ukulele

Tanglewood Nashville IV Acoustic Guitars - Musicians Centre Demo

Duration: 3.03 Minutes - Views: 1867 - Rating: 5.0

A demo of the affordable solid top acoustic from Tanglewood's Nashville IV range

Joe Tilston - "Mirror, Mirror" A Musicians Centre Session

Duration: 4.23 Minutes - Views: 752 - Rating: 5.0

Joe Tilston takes to the acoustic room and plays, "Mirror, Mirror". Played on a Martin & Co. Performing Artist GPCPA5K

Micky Dey - "The Set of Our Ways" A Musicians Centre Session

Duration: 4.62 Minutes - Views: 234 - Rating: 5.0

Micky Dey joins us with one of his own compositions, "The Set of Our Ways". Played on a Martin & Co. OM-1GT

Ben Adey

Duration: 2.55 Minutes - Views: 140 - Rating: 0

Live at Exchange Arts, Keighley

Ukulele Family Fun Day

Duration: 0.60 Minutes - Views: 57 - Rating: 0

We invited ukulele enthusiasts to join us in a day of live music, games and fun

Martin & Co. Backpacker Guitar Overview

Duration: 1.93 Minutes - Views: 4971 - Rating: 4.6 Overview of the Martin Backpacker travel guitar